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for your 3D priniting business

1. How is Partbox connected to the digital warehouse

Partbox is connected directly to the digital warehouse via mobile network. Partbox can be installed anywhere and no connection to the company network is required.

2. How much will Partbox cost me

You can use Partbox in a pay per use model, where you only have to pay for the printing hours. The printer and the material is included in the package.

3. For which parts can I use Partbox

With Partbox, you can produce parts from any of your suppliers or parts that you have designed by your own. Partbox gives you the unique opportunity to access the original parts from your supplier in a guaranteed quality.

4. Can I use any material

Partbox is limited to only one technical high quality material. Only Partbox Black can be printed on Partbox.

5. Why does Partbox print in such good quality

The high quality components, such as ball screws, the solid frame and the precision guiding, build into Partbox, ensure a very precise positioning of the print head. The direct extrusion principle ensures exact dosing of the filament and the housing keeps the printing process stable. Since Partbox is limited to one material only, there setup is perfectly tuned.

6. What does the license generator do?

With the license generator, you can give your business partner access to a specific print file. With the license generator, you can control the quantity of parts that your business partner can produce of this specific part. The intellectual property for the part is stored securely in Partbox and it is only transmitted directly to the printer.

7. What can I do if I need many 3D parts in a short period of time

For a short term peak in capacity, you can also access the Partbox printing farm, if you have purchased a Partbox package.

8. How can I buy a printing license?

Partbox is connected directly to the Transaction Network Webshop. Printing licenses can be purchased online at any time.

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