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On demand production  - parts on demand


PARTBOX reduces your delivery time for parts with the help of 3D printing to achieve high part availability & flexibility, without losing your engineering design, sacrificing part quality or building up a high inventory.


With our PARTBOX philosophy everything comes from a single source, which ensures a safe and stable process from start to finish. . This means that we accompany our customers from the creation of the 3D model, through the digital warehouse to the printed component on site.


This gives our customers the assurance that every step in the process fits together and a smooth on demand process, with all its benefits, can be fully established in the company. 

In addition, we ensure constant data security through our closed process.

Digital warehouse 3d printing on demand production
digital warehouse - on demand production 3d printing


Replace your physical warehouse with the digital warehouse

Stop manage physical inventory and start your digital warehouse with the help of 3D printing. 

Within our starter package we support you to identify suitable use case for your company.

Together we will fill your digital warehouse with components so that you can get the highest possible benefit for your company.

no privious 3d printing knowledge required-ondemandproduction

Click & print - no previous 3D printing knowledge required


Our PARTBOX can be used by everyone in your company, without 3D printing knowledge or complicated installation.

The entire use of the streaming platform, as well as the click & print approach,  is designed to enable anyone in your company to work with it. 

on demand production - guaranteed quality


Guaranteed  & consistent original part quality

With our certified printing job (CPJ®) we offer the unique possibility to access the original parts of your suppliers in guaranteed quality.

This allows the printed part to be used directly, without rework.

secure data 3d printing on demand
Data security 3D printing- on demand production


Every Print Job is stored securely in our digital warehouse. Our system meets the highest standards for IT security with servers that are located exclusively in Germany.
The Certified printing Jobs (CPJ) are streamed to the Partbox printer and can not be manipulated in any way.


Secure data transmission

On demand production with plug and play


Plug & Play - connected in 90 sec via LTE

Our Partbox printer is the only printer in the world that is connected to Partbox OS via mobile connection. Everything you need to print is integrated into the device.

All you have to do is, connect the printer to power and you are ready to print after 90 seconds.

The entire PARTBOX process is running completely independent of any corporate network, allowing easy and straightforward installation from anywhere in the world.

OEM gets paid for part design_on_Demand_production


With our part streaming platform incl. the licence generator, approved customers can shop digital parts, but they won't be able to download modify or reverse engineer the design.

The original part manufacturer (OEM) continues to get paid for their part designs and the customer gets the flexibility to print the parts when and where they are needed.

Therefore, we offer an economical interface within our PARTBOX platform.
At the same time, this can be flexibly adapted according to customer requirements.

Get paid for your part design 

On demand production_engingeering3Dmodel

Including engineering services


To ensure that every step in the process fits together and a smooth on demand process, with all its benefits, an essential part is the engineering in advance.

We always start with an analysis of the existing customer portfolio in order to achieve the ideal components and thus the highest possible customer benefit. 

Subsequently, we support our customers in the creation of 3D models, print jobs, but also in redesigns or complete solutions for filament printing.

madeingermany_3Dprinter_on demand production


100% made in Germany

Highest quality for highest technical demands.

We manufacture our 3D printer directly on site in Crailsheim (Germany). We use only the best components and assemble the printer with the highest precision. This allows us to ensure a robust process to achieve consistently reproducible printing results. 

Nachhaltige Sustainable on demand production


In order to keep the CO2 footprint of your company as low as possible, an on demand production with PARTBOX helps you to reduce...

  • material waste ​

  • energy consumption

  • long transport routes and related emissions

  • inventories and overproduction

In addition all the leftovers are turned into new filament. 
Therefore we work together with the Recycling Fabrik in Braunschweig.

Most sustainable supply chain

Use Cases o demand production 3D printing

USE CASES - on demand production


Smart Solution Award 2020

smart solutions award_on demand production

The Smart Solution Award honors solutions that have the potential to fundamentally change traditional value chains in the future

RUBY Award for Supplier Innovation 2021

RubyAward_on demand production

The Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation celebrates break-through innovations from the supplier community that advance the confectionery industry.

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