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Within our PARTBOX Ecosystem you get everything you need from one source to have your spare parts available as fast as possible & in the safest way, without compromising on quality.

Secure data transfer & guranteed quality

Within the closed cycle of our PARTBOX system, our customer's data is always safe and protected from third parties.


In addition, through the established & unique process of centralized creation of the component DNA (CPJ®), an original component quality can be guaranteed anytime & anywhere.

09_3DModell erstellung.webp

Engineering -

3D model

Creation print job CPJ.jpg

Part DNA / 

print job  = CPJ®

PARTBOX filament Material.jpg

Filament PA6


PARTBOX Streaming Platform.jpg



3D printer PARTBOX.jpg

3D printer

closed cycle & secure data transfer

Strengthen your competitiveness with the PARTBOX Ecosystem

Expert Support

Creation 3D printing model can be done by our internal 3D printing experts

Commercial connection

You have the possibility to give your digital warehouse a commercial interface

LTE connection

Since our 3D printer does not need to be connected to the company network, your data or intellectual property is safely protected and never leaves the PARTBOX Ecosystem

No 3D printing knowledge required

With the PARTBOX Starter Package, you don't need a 3D printing expert in the house to get started. You get all the expert info and engiereeing support you need from us.

Secure data

Due to the closed loop, the central creation of the print job and the LTE connection your data is safe from third parties anytime and anywhere

Intellectual property

With our Platform we offer the protection of yours and your customers intellectual property supported by the licence generator

Guaranteed quality

Centralized print job creation, consistent material & printer, ensure original product quality anytime & anywhere.

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