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by creating your digital warehouse with the help of our part streaming platform & 3D printing


Today, when a component on a production line breaks, it can take weeks or even months for it to be replaced.
Companies therefore keep many spare parts on hand to avoid delays. In other cases, spare parts are not even kept in stock, which increases the risk of machine downtime. Fast
availability at any time and anywhere is therefore a major competitive advantage.

With our PARTBOX model, we give companies exactly this competitive advantage.

We help companies to efficiently manage spare parts procurement by creating their own digital warehouse.
We enable all this in a
secured & closed ecosystem, ensuring that no data goes to third parties.
At the same time, we guarantee original part quality through CPJ®, no matter where or when printing takes place.

Digitial Warehouse.jpg


Replace your physical warehouse with the digital warehouse

Within our starter package we support you to identify suitable use cases for your company.

Together we will fill your digital warehouse with components so that you can get the highest possible benefit for your company.

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Our PARTBOX can be used by everyone in your company, without 3D printing knowledge or complicated installation.

The entire use of the streaming platform, as well as the click & print approach,  is designed to enable anyone in your company to work with it. 

Click & print - no previous 3D printing knowledge required

Original 3D printing qualiry.jpg


Guaranteed original part quality

With our certified printing job (CPJ ®) we offer the unique possibility to access the original parts of your suppliers in guaranteed quality.

This allows the printed part to be used directly, without rework.

data protection 3D prinitng platform.jpg


With our license generator you can give your business partner access to a specific print file. You can control the amount of parts your business partner can produce.

Thus the intellectual property for the part is securly stored in the PARTBOX Platform and is only transferred directly to the printer.


Guaranted reliable protection

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Connected in 90 sec via LTE

Our PARTBOX 3D printer is the only one in the world that is connected with a SIM card, so you don't have to connect via the company network, WLAN or LAN.

On top you only have to plug in the 3D printer and after 90 seconds you are ready to go -
just Click & Print


Supplier receive money.jpg


With our parts streaming platform, the original part manufacturer continues to receive compensation anytime the customer needs to print a new part.

Therefore, we offer an economical interface within our PARTBOX platform.
At the same time, this can be flexibly adapted according to customer requirements.

Original part manufacture still receives payment

Filament PA6 material.jpg


We use technical material for technical requirements.

  • Material with PA6 characteristics

  • Injection molding quality

  • Food compliant

  • Tensile strength 78MPa

  • Dimensional stability up to 90 ° C

  • Metal detectable

Use of food safe material



100% made in Germany

Highest quality for highest technical demands.

We manufacture our 3D printer directly on site in Crailsheim (Germany). We use only the best components and assemble the printer with the highest precision. This allows us to ensure a robust process to achieve consistently reproducible printing results. 




Most sustainable Supply Chain



Possible customization 

We offer customer-specific flexibility within our existing ecosystem.

On request, we create the right printer with the right material for your invividual use case.



Smart Solution Award 2020


The Smart Solution Award honors solutions that have the potential to fundamentally change traditional value chains in the future

Stegmaier relies on 3D printing


RUBY Award for Supplier Innovation 2021


The Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation celebrates break-through innovations from the supplier community that advance the confectionery industry.

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